Enemies Foreign and Domestic: On Being A Therapist with Mental Illness

Thinking Allowed

CN: discussion of depression, anxiety, mental illness; mention of self-harm, suicide

This seems like a good place to start my blog in earnest.

A few months ago, I submitted an abstract for a conference paper to the British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT), with that title. Their upcoming conference is on the theme of ‘Diversity and Wholeness’, and while I applaud their efforts – their brief mentioned racial and gender diversity, which needs to be noted in the arts therapies as it does everywhere – they mentioned nothing in this blurb about mental health or neurodiversity. In a conference about diversity and wholeness, I reckoned that was a glaring error, so I sent off my abstract, which is below:

“How do we react when a health professional receives a mental illness diagnosis? How do we deal with our internal struggles as therapists? And are we really so very different from…

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